Schedules of (regional and international) bus connections in the Balkans. Very reliable and easy to useNot reliable.


Information (visa, etc.) on the -STAN countries in Central Asia.

India Mike

Helpful and incredibly competent community of India travellers (and actually also Indians (who actually also travel in India)). Do you suffer from an advanced transportation issue on the subcontinent? Ask India Mike!

LP Thorn Tree

The infamous Lonely Planet did well with this. As travellers tend to be smart asses, there’s always someone around being a smart ass (i.e., to answer questions about the most exotic issues you could ever think of).

Seat 61

Everything you ever wanted to know about train travel around the world. In case you didn’t already know.

Travel Independent

Country summaries on many less travelled destinations (e.g.: many African countries). More judgmental than other sites, but this is exactly what I like about this webpage.


Very friendly and fast responding community with a lot of travel experience to share. Very useful: the travel time planner. In German.


The English version is perfect for first overview/planning.